A next-gen Django project starter

Easy one-line command to create a Django app with all the dependencies auto-installed , and built-in support (alpha release) for :

  • package managers ( pipenv, poetry, virtualenv )
  • web servers ( dev, gunicorn, uwsgi )
  • connecting to different databases ( MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 )
  • data model creation
  • CRUD API creation ( REST, GraphQL )
  • unit tests and test coverage reporting
  • autogenerated test factories ( FactoryBoy )
  • linting and code formatting ( autopep8, isort )
  • autogenerated API documentation ( Swagger, ReDoc )

This is a really smart idea. I perform almost the same steps every single time I start a project.

Thanks! Would you use something like this in your next project?
Would you want to see any other features to use in your next project?