Add HTML and JS into Post model from admin interface

Hello, I cannot find another similar question. I am building a very simple blog (like the ones you may find in all basic Django tutorials for beginners). The Post model has a simple Title, Author and Text fields. In particular, Text is a models.Textfield field. I can create new posts from the admin interface
Question: if I want to create a particular post that contains HTML tags and Javascript code (in particular I created a Chart.js chart that shows some data) how is it possible to integrate HTML and JS code from the admin interface? I need to specify “from admin interface” because I am able to render all HTML elements I want and the chart.js chart by creating a specific HTML file, putting the code into that and creating a view pointing to that HTML file. But I want to do all that from the admin page because I want to store this post in the SQLite database, like all the other posts I already have.

I cannot find the solution on the web. Thanks to everyone

Actually, there was a conversation about this type of thing yesterday.

See how to manage the article of my page