Admin does not invoke DRF ModelSerializer Validators?


I define an endpoint using Django Rest Framework (DRF) with my serializer based off of DRF ModelSerializer defining a validator function.

When I reference the endpoint’s URL via curl or something in a browser, the validator function is invoked. When I use Django’s built-in Admin interface url, the validator defined by the serializer is not run - only a field validator defined by the model is run.

My contains the standard definition:

urlpatterns = [

What is going on? Did I forget to do something? If this is a limitation of Django invoking DRF-defined endpoints, how do I work around it?

Thanks in advance,

Django Admin and DRF doen´t know one from each other. As you can read in documentation Django Admin uses model validation first, ModelForm validation, and custom validation. All you do in DRF is only for the endpoints, Django Admin will never know about it.