Admin Page do not look good Groups and users

Many times in a day my admin pages do not look properly. If I restart the server after some time it automatically gets better. But I need some concrete fix for this. Screenshot of the issue is attached bellow if anyone ever faced it before and solved it please let me know.

Little Clarification of screenshots:
The black portion contains the names of my models so I have to hide them and the screenshot showing the issues is actually a combination of two screenshots (if you are wondering about the line in the middle of it.)

ScreenShot showing the issue

I think you’re going to need to be more specific and provide more detail before we can help you.

How? What’s wrong? What are you expecting to see, and what are you seeing?

(Also, please try to avoid posting screen captures unless it’s absolutely necessary - they’re not always possible to read on every device and cannot be quoted from to highlight issues.)

Thank you for your response
I am having trouble with the admin page of Django. If you open admin page, Create a group or Create a user, there are two boxes for permissions. One, containing all the permissions and on its right, there is another box which shows permissions that are allowed. But to me, it looks disoriented (can be seen in the screenshot). Because of which I can’t determine which permissions are allowed and which are not. Also, I am unable to change the permissions from the admin page.

What you can try is to look at the html from the page when it looks right, and then compare that to the html when it looks wrong, to see if you can determine what’s different between the two.

Taking a real guess at this, I would start by checking to see if you’ve got some sort of special character in your permissions table, and that’s causing the page to be rendered incorrectly.

I checked the HTML of the incorrectly rendered page it is different. The child nodes of the div tag that should have that permission box are missing and many classes are missing as well. As far as characters go, I am using alphabets and numbers only.