Admin sidebar short description for classes?

Is it possible to customise the class names shown in the nav sidebar, e.g. with short description? The reason for this is to translate English class names into another language.

It it also possible to subsume items to a section with a headline. E.g. to display street, address, city and country in structured way.

You could set the verbose_name attribute on the model to change what’s displayed in the admin for the model. You can also customize the order and organization of fields in the admin using the fields and fieldsets options in your ModelAdmin class.

Yes, verbose_name and fieldsets are working well for the admin site of the specific class. I want to customise the default nav sidebar ( AdminSite.enable_nav_sidebar, new in Django 3.1), that is display lefthanded on larger screens.

The sidebar shows the verbose_name of a model in my test environment.

Thx, I will try that. Do you have a short example?

The docs have all the information you need. See verbose_name.

It part of Meta, correct?

   from django.db import models

   class Answer(models.Model):
      # ...

       class Meta:
          verbose_name = ‘Antwort’

That is correct. Your definition looks right to me.

Meta option verbose_name works :+1:

Now I’m looking for a way to structure the nav sidebar, e.G:

section 1


section 2

another model class
more model classes

to create ‘section’ in the nav sidebar you usually create different apps