After init of the form, is it impossible to modify the media js list?

I want to modify form.Media according to the received arg without setting it in advance.

After super().__init__(), and are checked in
However, neither of them could be modified or added.

Is it impossible to fix this??

See the docs for Media as a dynamic property, and the related sections for Media on Forms, I believe that would allow you to customize its configuration based upon what exists within the form.

Your answer is not helpful.

A solution I found myself.
The form’s media is provided as a property, and a new Media class is created each time it is called.

Therefore, if you want to do this, you need to add a Media class to the form and override the action to be performed when calling the media property.

Additionally, the Media class used in the form uses Media from, and writing a Media class within a form as mentioned in the Django document is a method of overriding and using the variable of the Media class.

When using {{ }} in a template, the self.render() method connected to self.__str__() is used.