Alternative for NumberInput widget

In my application I have these fields:

order_by = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField(default=1, validators=[MinValueValidator(1), MaxValueValidator(10)])

start_year = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField(validators=[MinValueValidator( - 50), MaxValueValidator( + 1)])

The default widget for these fields is a NumberInput. What I want is a select with options 1 to 10 and 1972 to 2023. I read through a lot of docs and tutorials which solve this issue in many, sometimes complex, ways.

I just wonder isn’t there a simple way to solve this in Django.

I had a look at the IntegerRangeField class of PostgreSQL specific model fields, however, that would make my application dependent, wouldn’t it?

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You can select which widget to use for a form field. (As you’ve identified, the number input is just the default.)
You could set up your form to use a select widget for those fields, where the choices are the ranges you’ve identified.

See Widgets | Django documentation | Django to get started.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply. I was a bit confuse by the difference between model fields and form fields.

models.PositiveSmallIntegerField() doesn’t have a widget argument.

forms.IntegerField() does, however, setting up the widget in my form, didn’t render the options of the select.

I opted for using choices=YEAR_CHOICES and calling a function year_choices which uses a for i in range() and returns YEAR_CHOICES

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The model fields are a Python representation of a database table.

A form field is a Python representation of an HTML form.

Your code (directly or indirectly) ties the two together.

If you want the form to use a select list, then it’s a ChoiceField, not an IntegerField. You would use the ChoiceField to allow for an entry of a selection from a list in your form.

(The precise mechanics of this depends upon the specifics of your form.)