An async django fork, how would you like it?

Finally I have found a solution that can compete with DEP 09: forking! GitHub - pwtail/vinyl: async orm based on django

Please tell what you think

Are you aware of Andrew Godwin’s async ORM PR? Add async-compatible interface to QuerySet by andrewgodwin · Pull Request #14843 · django/django · GitHub

It could be a helpful approach would be to try emulate that complete API and report on any specific problems.

the need for different names like aget, aaggregate etc. is caused by the fact that names without prefix are already taken (by synchronous conterparts). That won’t be the case for the async-only version

Up to you what you do, and what your aims are. I’ll just note that a fork that’s not compatible with base Django will not get far, since it would break all third party packages and existing code.

That’s true third party packages have no chance. Existing code - too, but one can reuse models/fields

My aim is to create the next version of django. In the short term - just add the ability to create async services, in the long term - switching from sync-only version to async-only