Anyone know how to use vuetify with django form?

I want to use Vuetify, a vuejs framework for design with django form. I don’t want to use any webpack or drf I just want to use Vuejs and Vuetify instead of jquery and bootstrap but I got some problems.

I know that we can use django form by just creating the form class and use it inside view, something like this {{ }} or {{ form.password }}. How can I implement it with Vuetify’s text field which look something like this <v-text-field></v-text-field>?

If I understand what you’re trying to accomplish here, you would probably need to create custom widget template to be rendered for each of the form field types.
For example, the base Django template for an input field looks like this:
<input type="{{ widget.type }}" name="{{ }}"{% if widget.value != None %} value="{{ widget.value|stringformat:'s' }}"{% endif %}{% include "django/forms/widgets/attrs.html" %}>
If you supply your own input template that looked like this:
<v-text-field></v-text-field>, and specified that that’s the template to be used by your widget, then that’s what would be rendered in the form for that field.

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Thanks you! I will try it out.