App for handling notifications


Currently, our way of sending notifications such as push notifications to phones is quite inflexible. For each notification we want to send we have to add a new line of code for when to send it and what data it needs and how it should should look. It also tightly couples all of the apps to the notification app which makes them difficult to extract to separate services in the future.

I’m looking for an solution which is based on messages to remove the tight coupling between apps. And a way to give more power to admin users to configure notifications.

Is there any django app that is similar to our needs? Should be a pretty common problem. I’ve seen other open source solutions but nothing for Django. Most search results tell me to create my own system.

I’m not sure I’m clear on what your needs are that you are asking about.

It appears to me that what you’re looking for is to have “something” happen at a scheduled time. (I guess what that “something” is doesn’t much matter at this point.) And, you want to be able to add to that schedule through some type of administrative interface.

My typical recommendation for a situation like this is to use Celery and Celery Beat.

You don’t need to use the Admin interface for scheduling events, you can create your own form for that, or create entries programatically.

I’d start here and see any of the packages meet your requirements. Django Packages : Notification