Architecture to register/login user from registered client

Hi guys, I have an architecture question that I keep coming across and wondering what is the best practice to deal with it. This is not a coding question per say, I hope its the right place to ask.

Here is a dummy problem that illustrate the situation. There is a website where “clients” can access something. But, the client is an organization that have multiple users. How to assess on register that a user belongs to one company?

What is the best practice to login and register these users from different supposedly registered companies without login the company and then login the user

I know this can be done verifying the user’s email like, but what if the client is small and relies on @gmail, that solution would not work.

Let’s say you have a registrations app.
In this app you then have a Company model, this may be only the id and name of this company. Your User model will have a company = models.ForeignKey(Company) to a Company.

So when your User gets registered:

if a non-registered user is allowed to see all companies: you can display a select for him to choose it’s company, then he will be binded to this specific company when you registrate him.
If a non-registered user is not allowed to see all companies: you have some options:

  • Allow the user to registrate without a company, and later bind to a specific company on the admin, this is will require that you do some checks on others views if the user is already binded to a company.
  • Have some Supervisor that will be binded to a company, and your non-registered user can input his email when registering.
  • Create some unique code (not the database id) to represent a company, and receive this code when the user registrates.

All of this solutions works, it’s up to you decide which one is the best for your needs.

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