Async in django . Asgi file

Hello . i have created a chat app using django channels and websockets , it is working in development environment nicely without any errors . But when I am trying to deploy it to web , it gives me error for asgi file. I am unable to figure out how to solve the error because everything is fine , but still error . I am new to django channels and websockets . I have not enough knowledge of it .

Here is the stackoverflow question which is asked . Please help me >

Hi @omkashyap007

The issue is this line:

Apr 09 19:09:47 ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-blr1-01 python[3411]: django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Cannot find 'application' in ASGI_APPLICATION module Chatapp.asgi

So I’d skip systemd for the moment, and make sure you can run daphne by hand, and that all the paths etc. are lined up correctly. Once you’re sure you’ve got it all configured properly, and Daphne is running your app in a shell, then you can go back to the Systemd configuration, and make sure that’s correct too.

It can be tricky getting it lined up. :grimacing: