at my wits end.. updating multiple records at once

Hello, I have a very descriptive issue here on stack overflow where I’m attempting to update several fields in a table at once.

python - Django Class based Form only updating the final post value - Stack Overflow

Although I’ve put a bounty on the question I’ve not been able to get an answer. I’ve been told I should be using a inline formset or factory formset but I’ve not been successful.

is anyone able to view my question and help? I’ve been stuck here for weeks (I’m doing this for fun to learn but this is very frustrating!)

also thanks to Will & Carlton for the weekly Django podcasts, very informative!

When you’re creating multiple instances of a form, what you’re looking to use is a Formset.

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Hello Ken,

my sincere thanks for your reply - I will again go over the documentation to see what I’m missing and try to fix my errors. However If I’m unable to do this would you be so kind as to answer my question on Stack overflow? I am also happy to do a screen sharing session you would be willing.