AttributeError in

help me i got this error,

File “C:\Users\user\pyproj\web_development\blog\”, line 7, in
class PostList(Generic.ListView):
AttributeError: type object ‘Generic’ has no attribute ‘ListView’

You didn’t post your code where the error is occurring, so my only suggestion is to check your typing and capitalization carefully. Also, please don’t double post the same problem.

here is my code and errors. Sorry for posting same problem double.

Change “class PostList(Generic.ListView)” to “class PostList(ListView)” would do. Same to PostDetail class.

Thank you it works. Next problem i am facing here is templateDosentExist error. i am confuse here where should i place my “templates” here’s screen shot.

Can you post the TEMPLATES_DIR code in your file, please? Also, screenshots are usually pretty difficult to see, especially if people are viewing this on mobile devices. Please try and enclose your code in three backticks ``` so we can see a formatted version online.