Authentication using MySQL

I am trying to create a website by using Django. For the database, I decided to use MySQL. I was able to connect my Django project with MySQL. Also to do Sign up, receive user information, and save it to the database. But when I moved on to Login part I stuck here. I did much research and tried many things nothing works. I did Login previously with SQLite3, and it was pretty easy. Now as I change the database I want to be able to login but have no idea how to do it with MySQL using Django. I attached the to give more details. Is anyone able to show me Django code on how to login using data in my database?(which saved using phpmyadmin)


Can we see your login view?

Aside from this, I would really encourage you to use Django’s built-in authentication system.

Django tends to work best when you work with it rather than trying to work around it, and there are a number of features that are tied to the built-in user object that you are likely to find useful.

Django also provides facilities for extending the User object, as well as replacing it with your own if you find that you have requirements that aren’t handled by the base system