Automatic deploy, createsuperuser and PasswordResetView

I’m using saltstack to deploy my service. I have a state to call createsuperuser to which I pass --username, --email and --noinput. So far so good, it can create the user. I obviously cannot login, because I did not sett a password.
My app uses the admin PasswordResetView. I was hoping to be able to use it to set the user’s password: request a password reset. Unfortunately. because the pass is not set, has_usable_password returns False, and my user is not returned from from the get_users function.
May I ask why this limitation was put in place? I understand there can be an issue when using LDAP, but when using the ModelBackend, this is quite limiting…
I understand I can set the password via env variable, but that seems like not appropriate for that case…
Did I miss anything?
Thanks in advance,
S Poss

We created a custom “setpassword” command that allows for (either) a specified password to be applied to a particular User or for a random password to be assigned.