Axios POST request from Vuejs to Django rest framework

Hi, I’m doing a project that the answer of this question is important for me. I will thank to give me the answer.
I have a form in front end that is created by vue.js and I want to post the submitted data to django rest framework by axios to create some objects by those records in the database but I don’t know how to post the data completely. What do I have to do in both vue js and django to have access to the submitted data?

You have two options:

  1. Use Django forms and then use axios to submit a POST as if it were a form submission.
  2. Create an API (probably with DRF) and then have axios post the relevant JSON to the DRF endpoint.

The other thing you have to handle is CSRF validation. There are a couple different options discussed here for that: javascript - Proper Django CSRF validation using fetch post request - Stack Overflow

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much.