Background image static file

I am now in part 6 of tge tutorial.
I am using django 4.0.6
My polls/static/polls/style.css includes:

li a{
    color: green;
body {
   background:white url("images/background.gif") no-repat;

I reloaded the page of the polls but I only saw the effect of changing the color of the list.
I did not see the background image.

In the warning below the tutorial it says that {% static %} template tag is not available for use in static files which arent generated by django. Hence I should link my static files with relative paths.

I did so, but that didnt help. Any suggestions on how to go around it?

Most likely you do not have the full path to the image file in your css. Do you have errors on getting files on the web page? Or try … url(“/images/background.gif”)

My bad,
When I looked back at the tutorial, the image extention was png not gif