base.html code not getting to other page.

I have created base.html where I have kept heade and foother information and render to other page using {% extends ‘base.html’ %}. But it is not getting the value when I loop it and created it from admin as mention below code.
The code is attached and it is in the screenshots

this code I am not getting in another page header even I am using at initial {% extends ‘base.html’ %}.

Screen shorts for your reference where I have mention extends at the category page but not visible at the top but it is visible at the home or index.html page other than that the nav will not display.

Please do not post screen images here. Directly copy / paste the file contents into your post, between lines consisting of three backtick - ` characters. This means you’ll have one line of ```, then your lines of code (or html fragment), then another line of ```.

We may need to see the view that is rendering your template - can you confirm that you have included navbar in your context?

1- you have indentation issue for the {% for nav0 in navbar %}, indentation must be uder the second closing Tag line 117.
2- i dont see anything about base.html if you can post the code here will be great (base.html - page not rendering - views,py - urls,py).

Check if number (1) fix your issue. it may cause navbar rendering issue for this error i guess.

Actually, indentation does not matter within the context of a template. There is no requirement that nested structures be indented or that tags align.

Thanks alot for correcting me,. very appreciated.