Belarusian localization - join request & problem

Hello there! I’d like to collaborate and help with Belarusian localization of Django project.

Currently there is a major problem I’ve noticed when I began to use the admin panel on my Django-based website – the whole translation is done in Belarusian Taraškievica, which is a separate standard, usually denoted under the subtag “be-tarask” by the IANA (

Type: variant
Subtag: tarask
Description: Belarusian in Taraskievica orthography
Added: 2007-04-27
Prefix: be
Comments: The subtag represents Branislau Taraskievic’s Belarusian
orthography as published in “Bielaruski klasycny pravapis” by Juras
Buslakou, Vincuk Viacorka, Zmicier Sanko, and Zmicier Sauka (Vilnia-
Miensk 2005).

The official standard of Belarusian has some significant discrepancies from Taraškievica, and the latter may be confusing to many Belarusian users, as they’ve been taught the official standard in schools. Nevertheless, it is also important to keep and maintain the Taraškievica variant, as it may be preferable for some users to use it.

My proposed course of actions here would be:

  1. Make a copy of the current version of Belarusian translation under the “be-tarask” tag.
  2. After this is done, I will begin to “fix” the translation under the main “be” tag to represent the official standard.
    If this course of actions is for some reason inadequate or inappropriate, please do not hesitate to note that.

Many thanks in advance for your attention!

Thanks for your post. I pinged by email the current team coordinator, hopefully he will be able to comment on your proposal.

This proposal makes total sense. I don’t participate in the Django translation now, but if I would, I’d propose the same solution as the topic author proposed: make a copy of the current version of Belarusian translation under the “be-tarask” tag and do the new (or “fixed”) translation under the main “be” tag to represent the official standard.

While I appreciate the efforts to make use of Taraškievica variant, it should be clearly separated from the “official” standard as Taraškievica looks “wrong” for a user that doesn’t know about it.

All the major OS software suppliers (Google / Microsoft / Samsung etc.) use the official standard, so it would make sense to use it as the default option too while keeping the Taraškievica as an alternative option.

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Thank you for your supporting reply!

Also, if I understand correctly, I may need your help accepting my join request to the Belarusian team in Transifex project, as you’re currently assigned as team coordinator there. If you have an opportunity to do so, it would be much appreciated!

Just received by email from Viktar Palstsiuk:

I added be@tarask on Transifex. @klyok, is it OK to be the coordinator of both teams? Or would like someone else taking the lead?

Then someone would need to create a patch to add the language to Django (see Added Uyghur language. · django/django@d25f389 · GitHub for an example of a recent commit adding a new language).