Best approach for implementing configurable permissions and roles in Django

I’m working on a Django application and I need to implement configurable permissions and roles. I want to be able to add new roles and associate multiple tasks with each role for specific modules in my Django app. What would be the best approach to achieve this?

I would like to have the flexibility to define different roles with specific permissions and assign them to users. Additionally, I want to be able to manage these roles and permissions easily, preferably through my application not django admin.

Any insights, recommendations, or examples of how to implement this functionality in Django would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A common way to define “Roles” is by using Django groups, where each group is a “role”.

If you search the forum here for “permissions” and “roles”, you’ll find a number of threads where this has been discussed in detail previously.

Then it’s up to you to create the views, forms, and templates to manage this.

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Did you have a code example or repository that implement the same idea?

There are plenty of code examples floating around - including a few here in the forum. This really is a standard technique.