Boostrap template GUI builder

so i copy the template and import it to django, everything is okay.
But now i realize that i need a lot to code to import all the data from DB and position all the stuff on the pages.
Can somebody suggest some drag and drop GUI web builder but keep in mind that i need the {% load static %} to be in the html

Is it possible to avoid to put static everywhere? It seems to me its so time consuming.
I think there must be a different way, like do i need to make a webserver so it can read and dont need to put static to the html everywhere?

Thank you


  • Can you explain a little bit what are you trying to do? What template do you refer to?
  • I’ve never used a drag and drop GUI web builder so I can’t recommend one.

Is it possible to avoid to put static everywhere?

Sorry for bad info.
So i downloaded

And put all the files where supposed to be. But on each page i need to rewrite and put static.
GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)
The idea of base static html is okay but am still thinking would it work if i put gunicorn with ngix and afterwords it will see the path. Am i right?As it would be webserver the path will be there rightaway.
And for me only to fix my DB stuff imports

What is ussual way for example for you? Are you using this static all the time?
For example you want to add a picture somewhere. in the text (as not in base static file)

BTW thank you for the link :heart:

I have never used a GUI web builder that was worth the effort to put into it. It always costs me more time than it could ever save. There is a lot of editing that needs to be done to add tags and context data.

I’ve yet to see one that I would recommend using with Django.

Thank you for info.
So you are using the static thing? or you just use the webserver and dont use static for each js/css?

Yes, the “static” tag is absolutely essential for any appropriate production deployment.

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So i figured it out.
No need to edit all the bootstrap templates.
I just edited nginx config and added:

       location /dist/ {
            root /xxxx/webprj/webapp/static;
       location /plugins/ {
            root /xxxx/webprj/webapp/static;

And no need to edit all the html files to add {% static load static etc :smiley: