Browser not asking to save password (Chrome/Chromium)

When i am in local development on port 8000 through IP
Chrome is asking me to save password.
When i am through nginx 443 domain, it is not asking me to save password.
The source is the same.

        self.fields['login'].widget = forms.TextInput(attrs={'type': 'text', 'name': 'login', 'id': 'login_field', 'class': 'required-entry input-block js-login-field','autocomplete':'username','placeholder':'Email','autofocus':''})
        self.fields['password'].widget = forms.PasswordInput(attrs={'type': 'password','name': 'password','id':'password','placeholder':'Password','class': 'required-entry input-block js-password-field','autocomplete':'current-password'})

The question is why it is not asking me to save password through domain?

<input type="text" name="login" id="login_field" class="required-entry input-block js-login-field" autocomplete="username" placeholder="Email" autofocus="" required="">
<input type="password" name="password" id="password" placeholder="Password" class="required-entry input-block js-password-field" autocomplete="current-password" required="">

That’s something in your browser configuration. Either you have that domain marked as “Never save” or something like that. It’s got nothing to do with Django.

I found this posting that may give you some ideas of things to try: Chrome Not Saving Your Passwords? Here Are 11 Quick Fixes to Try

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Thank you, i went with social login for local development. I had a problem with it but now its fine. Will go through your link when i will need non-social login.