Can I use Django in software engineering or software development sector?

We know that, django is a web framework . And we use it for full stack web development . My question is that, Can I use django for software development. Actually I wanna to know , Is there any other field or sector without web development where we can use django ?


Django is a web framework which is programmed in Python. If you wish to build something with Django, then you will do so by programming in Python. You can build a web app in almost any shape, size or form you wish.

Django is a modern, and more more important perhaps, a very mature and stable web development framework and can provide good employment possibilities for people who are skilled in its usage.

Django is used in academia, schools, finance, tech and a slew of other industries. As an example, the Django system which I program is used as an educational tool for veterinary students, professionals and academics. With due credit and respect for my professional partners competence in the veterinary field, he can barely turn a computer on. I use this as an example of where Django is used in an industry where the vast majority of people don’t know or care, and rightly so, what web development is.

So yes, absolutely, Django can and is used all over the place, in all sorts of industries.

Django is not the only option for web development either. There is Flask which is written in Python, Ruby on Rails which is written in Ruby and others written in PHP and Javascript. My opinion is that Python is a wonderful and beginner friendly programming language and Django offers beginners a reasonable gently introduction to web development. With that said, there is a learning curve but there are some good resources. The official tutorial is a good starting point, as is the Django Girls tutorial and there is a newish project called Learn Django

Good luck getting started with Django!