Can I use the Class-based views that I have already written to build inclusion_tags?

I have written an installable Django application and install it in the virtual environment of my project. I need each of its views to be available as a tag. I have no problem with function-based views. But I don’t have any idea how to use class-based views to create its equivalent tag.
For example, I have an XListView that inherits from SingleTableView (in django-tables2 package). This class prepares a “table” context variable to use in templates. But I don’t know how should I prepare this object and return it as a context variable by inclusion_tag.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rather than trying to define the table as a tag, I’d be more inclined to try to include it as a template within my main template. I guess I’m not seeing why creating this as a tag would be beneficial.