Can models have widgets?

I have a DateField thing inside my file. Is it possible to import the widget or something?

due_date = models.DateField('Deadline: ', blank=True,, widget=forms.SelectDateWidget())

This doesn’t work because I get this error:
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'widget'

It works though if it’s under a class that takes forms.ModelForm as its parameter.

Widgets belong to forms, not to models. You specify a widget on a form field, so that specification belongs there (, not in your

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ModelForm will give you access to the ‘widget’ attribute of the Meta class.

class MyForm(ModelForm):
     class Meta:
          model = MyModel
           fields = ['due_date',] 
           # or any other fields you want on the form
          widgets = {
                'due_date': forms.SelectDateWidget(...)
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