Can we call method without returning the http response ?

Whenever I want to trigger any action based on user’s interaction with front end html page, If I still want to keep user on same page I generally use JQUERY to send the payload to backend and call the particular views method where I can return the response in JSON format…
By doing that, I am able to keep user on same endpoint based URL.
But the moment I am using from and sending POST call via it’s submit button, I have to make my view method to return something from http response.
Is there any work around to use that approach and avoid returning http object as I don’t want to reload or redirect the page for the user.

No, because that’s not how browsers work. The browser is expecting an http response to the request and if it doesn’t get it, it’s an error condition in the browser.

This isn’t a Django issue, it’s a fundamental characteristic of the protocol.