Can't migrate

Hi. I’m trying to develop a Web Page using Iron Python. After creating a project. When I try to migrate, i get the following error:

django.db.utils.OperationalError: cannot start a transaction within a transaction

Does someone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance

What version of Django are you using? Which version of IronPython?

Hi Ken! I’m currently using version 3.4.1 of IronPython, which uses Django 2.0.13

Wow, ok.

To confirm, the makemigrations did not throw an error but migrate does.

If I had to try and debug this, my primary objective would be to try and isolate where the error is occurring (which component).

The first thing I’d do is try it with CPython 3.4 and Django 2.0 to try and determine if the issue is IronPython or Django.

I might also change database engines being used in the IronPython version to see if there’s some sort of driver incompatibility involved. (I’d be concerned about the drivers working for something like psycopg2.)

Hey Ken! I found out it’s not worth the work, so I’ll abandon the issue. nonetheless, thank you so much for your help!