Chat and audio/video calling service help

Hi guys,i want messaging , audio and video call service on my web app.I want only one to one chat,audio and video service.or inshort I want basic feature of Whatsapp where admin can message,call(audio/video) to the users.but users only can receive a call and talk.or is there any API/service that I can use for this case?
. Would someone have a recommendation on what to use for this specific case?
I need urgent help,please reply
Thanks in advance!

For this Django cannot really accomplish this. I would use some third party package or another technology for this particular aspect of your app.

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Django most certainly can help, bu the majority of the features will need to be outside its direct domain. You can use WebRTC in JavaScript to do peer-to-peer video calls: . This is how e.g. Google Meet works. That said, I haven’t used it - it might be quite complicated to build it “urgently.”

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@adamchainz Wow. Thank you, that helps me a lot as well. This seems a great way to do things :grinning:

okay thanks .
i need one more help,can i use firebase chat app in django website?

I’ve not used this. After a quick look at the docs it seems Firebase is for native apps only, not websites.

Hello @ajaysbugatti .MirrorFly is the best option for your requirements. Mirrorfly offered chat ,video and voice solution. Mirrorfly is a versatile Messaging, Audio/Video Calling API & SDK Provider for both large-scale as well as small-scale enterprises. Considered to be a prime product in the market, Mirrorfly is highly customizable and compatible with Android, iOS and Web Applications. They have an absolute chat app solution that provides a design-enriched UI/UX, an intuitive build and a plethora of other features making personalized communication a cake walk. It is embedded with WebRTC that enables HD quality video interaction and a powerful VoIP that gives a dynamic voice experience.

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  • SIP Calling (App to Phone)

There are lot of chat app developers have on online now. I have refer few solution providers for your reference

  1. Apphitect
  2. CONTUS Fly
  3. CometChat

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Hey @ajaysbugatti I hope you find a better answer for your query. recently I have found one article on how to choose the best video calling API & SDK providers. i thought this article will help it is How To Pick Top Video Call APIs and SDKs For Android and iOS | Hacker Noon