CK Editor works locally but not on aws ubuntu server

good work

I have a django application running on aws ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64 architecture. The ck editor that works when I enter the local admin panel. Doesn’t work on server (text box comes instead of ck editor). How can I solve this problem?

Please clarify / confirm.

  • Is it not working at all, anywhere, in your deployed environment?
  • Is it working everywhere in your local environment?
  • You mentioned a “local admin panel”. Are you referring to the Django admin facility?
  • You say “Doesn’t work on server”. Are you referring to the Django admin on the server, a user-written page, or both?
  • Check to make sure it’s all installed configured correctly
  • Verify that your templates are referring to the right files
  • Verify that the files are in the right places
  • Determine whether or not the browser is even attempting to load those files
  • Are your other static files working?
  • Have you done other production-style Django deployments?