CKEditor - no form validation errors

If I exceed the character count for a field on a form, I don’t receive errors when I try to submit the form.

This is confusing as the form’s fields indicate and allow me to enter characters beyond the capacity of the model’s field.

For example, on my model :

   intro = RichTextField(max_length=300) #lede

My form :

I’m sure this is solvable. If anyone has done so, please let me know.

I’m not using a custom form. I’m using CBVs with bog-standard form.


django-ckeditor’s RichTextField extends models.TextField. Maybe the max_length argument doesn’t do anything for text fields?

You could try using

from django.core import validators

class ...
    intro = RichTextField(validators=[django.core.validators.MaxLengthValidator(300)])

Or maybe write your own validator which strips tags and (some) whitespace first before applying the character limit.

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Thanks for the feedback.

After examining the HTML produced I realised that the errors were produced but when they are displayed they are being hidden behind the actual editor.

I “fixed” this with some custom css.

 .invalid-feedback {
  display: block;

I still need to make the editor smaller, though

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