CKEditor5Field with dark mode

I’ve got 2 CKEditor5Fields in one of my models. I’m running into an issue in the admin panel that when the browser is in dark mode the background color of the field is staying white and the font color is changing to an off-white color making it really hard to read. The text is fine when it’s rendered to the page. Is there a way to set the default font color to black so browser mode doesn’t matter?

Light Mode:

Dark Mode :


property_short_description = CKEditor5Field('property short description', config_name='extends', blank = True, null = True)
description = CKEditor5Field('description', config_name='extends')

My config:

    'default': {
        'toolbar': ['heading', '|', 'bold', 'italic', 'link',
                    'bulletedList', 'numberedList', 'blockQuote', 'imageUpload', ],
    'extends': {
        'blockToolbar': [
            'paragraph', 'heading1', 'heading2', 'heading3',
            'bulletedList', 'numberedList',
            'blockQuote', 'imageUpload'
        'toolbar': ['heading', '|', 'outdent', 'indent', '|', 'bold', 'italic', 'link', 'underline', 'strikethrough',
        'code','subscript', 'superscript', 'highlight', '|', 'codeBlock',
                    'bulletedList', 'numberedList', 'todoList', '|',  'blockQuote', 'imageUpload', '|',
                    'fontSize', 'fontFamily', 'fontColor', 'fontBackgroundColor', 'mediaEmbed', 'removeFormat',

        'image': {
            'toolbar': ['imageTextAlternative', 'imageTitle', '|', 'imageStyle:alignLeft', 'imageStyle:full',
                        'imageStyle:alignRight', 'imageStyle:alignCenter', 'imageStyle:side',  '|'],
            'styles': [
        'table': {
            'contentToolbar': [ 'tableColumn', 'tableRow', 'mergeTableCells',
            'tableProperties', 'tableCellProperties' ],
            'tableProperties': {
                'borderColors': customColorPalette,
                'backgroundColors': customColorPalette
            'tableCellProperties': {
                'borderColors': customColorPalette,
                'backgroundColors': customColorPalette
        'heading' : {
            'options': [
                { 'model': 'paragraph', 'title': 'Paragraph', 'class': 'ck-heading_paragraph' },
                { 'model': 'heading1', 'view': 'h1', 'title': 'Heading 1', 'class': 'ck-heading_heading1' },
                { 'model': 'heading2', 'view': 'h2', 'title': 'Heading 2', 'class': 'ck-heading_heading2' },
                { 'model': 'heading3', 'view': 'h3', 'title': 'Heading 3', 'class': 'ck-heading_heading3' }