Class based detailed view not working

I am a Django newbie so my question might appear basic to advanced users.

I have two classed based views, one for list and the other for detail. List is functioning fine but the detail one is not. When I give the post number, nothing happens. I am pretty certain, I am not giving the URL correctly. Please help me out. My code is below.

Code in app views file

class FeedDetailView(DetailView):
template_name = "feeds/detail_view.html"
queryset = Feed.objects.all()

def get_object(self):
    pk = self.kwargs.get("pk")
    return Feed.objects.get(id=pk)

Code in app urls file for both list and view urls

 url('<int:pk>', FeedDetailView.as_view(), name ='detail'),
 url('', FeedListView.as_view(), name ='list'),

Code in main project url file

path('feeds/', include('feeds.urls')),

When in the browser I type number), nothing happens.

When you say “nothing happens”, can you be more specific?

What do you get in the browser when you enter that url?

In the console where you run runserver, do you see the request being made?

Do you get any error messages on the console?