clicking on an a tag does nothing!

Clicking on the a tag is doing nothing…

def about_view(request):
    return render(request, 'about.html', {})

path('about/', about_view, name="about"),


<li class="dropdown"><a class="about" href="about" data-toggle="dropdown">About us</a></li>

For triggering the specific url that you have defined in file you should use django template language like this:

<li class="dropdown"><a class="about" href="{% url 'about' %}" data-toggle="dropdown">About us</a></li>
it will solve your problem

Actually we dont have to use the {% url ‘’ %}. as we have given a name in the i can use that name in href. it always works for me as well for my other project.

I solved it. Its just that i had to remove ‘data-toggle’. it was prevent it from redirecting to href since it was meant to toggle dropdown on focus.