Cookies are not being stored in the browser. Django Backend and react frontend.

GitHub link-: GitHub - kishan2k2/One-click-RAG-solution: LLM API interfaces have eased out the technical usage of LLM, but still requires some level of technical expertise. We are solving that problem using one click RAG. In this SAAS product, you can create the end point of your own chatbot using your own data with custom data and custom configuration and custom exception handling.

The backend code in the master branch and the frontend code in the client branch.

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What you want to verify is whether or not the browser is receiving that data in the response. You can check this by examining the response from the request in the network tab of the browser’s developer tools.

One thing to keep in mind is that react is slightly different than a normal web application.
I know that requests that are fetched don’t get their cookies set automatically on all scenarios.
I have found some answer on stack overflow that might help.