Country list

Hi everyone first am saying thank you to the django contributors

I would like to know how you use django to create a country forn that the states depend on and then the cities and the the local areas.

Please do anyone have a way to show me or point me to I actually saw a data online with even the longitude and latitude how do I incorporate this into django.

If you’re looking for “chained” or “dependent” select boxes, you can search for that in That type of functionality typically requires some JavaScript / AJAX to update the select boxes on a page.

If you’re looking for sources of that data, you can Google for “data sources for cities and countries” to find various sources of that type of data. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out how to convert that data to some type of model structure and importing the data into your project.

When asking about “incorporate this into Django”, you’d need to be a bit more specific as to what exactly you mean by that.

First let me thank you on behalf of everyone one this forum you have been very helpful to everyone and mostly answered alot of questions I have notices you and one other guy Ken…

Thanks you all for keeping the forum alive

And yes am looking for a package or any idea of doing this with django I want to set up a profile model that will have first name and username from the custom user model…

Then from this profile model I want to have country state city of the world in chained form.