Create tables that only exist in second DB when running tests

Hi all,

I have two databases in Django, default and second_db. When running tests, even if I have specified to only use second_db (code below). However, when the test_second_db database is created, it creates tables from both default and second_db.

The current tests for the second database are the only tests on this application currently, therefore I am not interested in the tables from default db, but it creates them anyway.

How can I make Django to only create the tables that are in the original second_db, and not make additional tables from the default db?

Or I guess a better question would be- how to ensure, that Django creates two seperate test databases, with its corresponding tables?

In my test case I have:

class SomeTestCase(TestCase):
    databases = {"second_db"}

And in settings, I have defined the dependencies for both DBs like so:

'TEST': {

I also have a router which works no problem when running code with two different databases.

Am I missing something in this case?