Css doesn't work everywhere

Hello everybody.
I have had a big problem for 2 days.
I created an application (“Client”) in my site and I created my css file unfortunately the css only applies to my first page (“HomePage.html”) and not to the others … Someone could he help me ??
I put down

  • my “settings.py” file
    -the url of my site and my apk
  • my “base.html” file
  • my Homepage page and my AddPage page (on which the css does not apply)
  • and the architecture of my files

Thank you in advance to you :pray:
Screenshot (20210505-113744)
Screenshot (20210505-132019)

Screenshot (20210505-114039)

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I believe the problem is that your template is using a relative path to access the CSS files. Instead of using relative paths (which will break when a user visits mysite.com/foo/ versus mysite.com/foo/bar/ since the path distance is different), you should use the static templatetag that is designed to resolve static assets.


This documentation should show you how to use the proper tag.