Custom User with Token

Hi all, I’m new to Django and apologize if this is an easy fix. I have went through numerous docs and tried to fix this problem for hours, but have made no progress.
I have just changed my user model to a custom user in my app. I am using Knox for authentication and “token”: AuthToken.objects.create(user)[1] now isn’t working because it says that “AuthToken.user” must be a “User” instance. My user object is no longer imported from django but is custom.

If you have an established project with populated data, it’s really really messy to change your User object

In most cases, my general recommendation has been to back-up any not-easily-replaced data, drop the database, and rebuild it from scratch. In my (admittedly limited) experience that actually takes less time than trying to work through the issues of migrating to a custom user model.