Database Connection Pool GSoC 2023

Hi! I just needed a clarification on the task we have at hand.

I understand that Django needs to shift towards connection pooling methods. That would be either be via using psycopg3’s connection pooling method (or similar solutions such as PG Bouncer) or code up a full blown connection pooling API in similar vein to HikariCP?

Could the maintainers please confirm my ideas so that I can start working on the project as soon as possible? Thank you for your help! I’m a beginner in the world of Django and Open-Source in general so help would be greatly appreciated!


This may be a bit too much of a challenge if you have no idea to begin.
A big part of the proposal would be coming up with a design, accounting for existing options, and the multiple backends.

Quite likely, if we already knew what it was meant to look like, we’d already have it.

TBH I would have expected discussion to begin more than four days before the deadline. :grimacing: