Databse Migration from SQLite3 ti postgresql

i want to migrate dtabase of Mayaan EDMS application from sqlit3 to postgresql
please help me if any one have suggesation to migrate the data from the database

You can use dumpdata and loaddata with django-admin or Here is the reference from official docs django-admin and | Django documentation | Django

iam getting this error even after giving correct password

From where you are getting common_initial_setup, did you created a custom command if so then share that as well.
Also, share you traceback errors or code enclosed within bacticks.

After running make migration

i have already created a json floder with dumdata.json

and while runningmigrate command i am getting this error
i have given the correct password also

Are you sure that you have created password root123 for the postgres user mayan. you should reset your postgres user mayan password once more and cross check everything.

i have checked several tims still i am getting the same error

One more thing I’ve found in your database settings is PORT is given in string remove single quotes use only numbers there and then try.

Still getting the same error with changing the password

Check the PostgreSQL user mayan’s permissions in terminal. Is it same as default (user postgres).

i have granted all previliges

Things you can try here:

  • Since you are connecting to a PostgreSQL instance on the same system, try removing the “HOST” and “PORT” keys from the DATABASES setting. This forces the client to connect using the local Unix domain socket.

  • Verify that your account can log in by using psql from the command line with the -h localhost and -p 5432 parameters. (e.g., psql -u mayan -h localhost -p 5432)
    If that fails, then it’s likely your pg_hba.conf file needs to be adjusted.

now i am facing this error while running sudo python3 migrate command

Looking at these screen captures - it looks like you’re running VSCode on windows, but connecting to an Ubuntu instance? Please describe your development environment in a little more detail.