Dealing with HTML entities

Hi everybody and congratulation for all your work here,
I am Frenh and as French I need to deal with word like “crêpe” (pancake lol) which should be appear in generated HTML code source as “crêpe”.
So is it only possible to do that with Django ? I cannot find it out.
My request is for such a word passed by the context to the template.
I only found to pass it as “crêpe” and to require safe filter on the variable or set autoescape tag to off. But I do not like these solutions which are not high level programming as Django should be.
Is there any other fix ? Elegant fix meybe ?
Thanks for your help

did you try by setting up the charset?

Of course !!! No Django problem ! I just forgot that with the UFT-8 charset (which was already set on), I no more need to escape the french accented characters.
Sometimes I search solutions where there is no problem. Lol
Thank you so much !
Have a nice day !