defining custom header styles in admin

I want to add a css class to the headers in the django admin. For example I want my header of the field status to be red. This is a more tricky task than I first imagined and I already have a (bad) solution:

I overwrite change_list_results.html like so (two changes, one added line at the very beginning):

{% for header in result_headers %}
    {% if header.text == "status" %}
        <th scope="col" class="column-get_status TEST">
    {% else %}
        <th scope="col"{{ header.class_attrib }}>
    {% endif %}
{% if header.sortable and header.sort_priority > 0 %}

i also added a css file in project/static/admin/css/base.css:

    color: red;

this works just fine but is far from scaleable.

digging into djangos code reveals with result_headers(). I had the idea to add a simple dictionary in my ModelAdmin class:

class Foo(ModelAdmin):
    list_display = ["get_status", ...]
    css_styles = {"get_status": "TEST"}    # <- new

    def get_status(self):
        return "bar"

modify it like this:

def result_headers(cl):
    Generate the list column headers.
    ordering_field_columns = cl.get_ordering_field_columns()
    for i, field_name in enumerate(cl.list_display):
        ##### new code 
            if field_name in cl.model_admin.css_styles.keys():
                if isinstance(cl.model_admin.css_styles[field_name], str):
                    extra_css = cl.model_admin.css_styles[field_name] 
                elif isinstance(cl.model_admin.css_styles[field_name], list):
                    extra_css = " ".join(cl.model_admin.css_styles[field_name])
                raise Exception
        except Exception:
            extra_css = ""    
text, attr = label_for_field(
            field_name, cl.model, model_admin=cl.model_admin, return_attr=True
        is_field_sortable = cl.sortable_by is None or field_name in cl.sortable_by
        if attr:
            field_name = _coerce_field_name(field_name, i)
            # Potentially not sortable

            # if the field is the action checkbox: no sorting and special class
            if field_name == "action_checkbox":
                yield {
                    "text": text,
                    "class_attrib": mark_safe(' class="action-checkbox-column"'),
                    "sortable": False,

            admin_order_field = getattr(attr, "admin_order_field", None)
            # Set ordering for attr that is a property, if defined.
            if isinstance(attr, property) and hasattr(attr, "fget"):
                admin_order_field = getattr(attr.fget, "admin_order_field", None)
            if not admin_order_field:
                is_field_sortable = False

        if not is_field_sortable:
            # Not sortable
            yield {
                "text": text,
                "class_attrib": format_html(f""" class="column-{field_name} {extra_css}" """) # <- changed,
                "sortable": False,

        # OK, it is sortable if we got this far
        th_classes = ["sortable", "column-{}".format(field_name), extra_css] # <- changed
        order_type = ""
        new_order_type = "asc"
        sort_priority = 0
        # Is it currently being sorted on?
        is_sorted = i in ordering_field_columns
        if is_sorted:
            order_type = ordering_field_columns.get(i).lower()
            sort_priority = list(ordering_field_columns).index(i) + 1
            th_classes.append("sorted %sending" % order_type)
            new_order_type = {"asc": "desc", "desc": "asc"}[order_type]

        # build new ordering param
        o_list_primary = []  # URL for making this field the primary sort
        o_list_remove = []  # URL for removing this field from sort
        o_list_toggle = []  # URL for toggling order type for this field

        def make_qs_param(t, n):
            return ("-" if t == "desc" else "") + str(n)

        for j, ot in ordering_field_columns.items():
            if j == i:  # Same column
                param = make_qs_param(new_order_type, j)
                # We want clicking on this header to bring the ordering to the
                # front
                o_list_primary.insert(0, param)
                # o_list_remove - omit
                param = make_qs_param(ot, j)

        if i not in ordering_field_columns:
            o_list_primary.insert(0, make_qs_param(new_order_type, i))

        yield {
            "text": text,
            "sortable": True,
            "sorted": is_sorted,
            "ascending": order_type == "asc",
            "sort_priority": sort_priority,
            "url_primary": cl.get_query_string({ORDER_VAR: ".".join(o_list_primary)}),
            "url_remove": cl.get_query_string({ORDER_VAR: ".".join(o_list_remove)}),
            "url_toggle": cl.get_query_string({ORDER_VAR: ".".join(o_list_toggle)}),
            "class_attrib": format_html(' class="{}"', " ".join(th_classes))
            if th_classes
            else "",

Where would I overwrite this function so I can use it the way I did to stay more flexible? Or is this a bad approach for some (which?) reason? How would this be done better?