deployment of uploaded file in production

Hello I have build a simple blog application at I would like to deploy on AWS light-sail and use mysql for database. I would like to know how do I manage my static file (blog images and author pic ) on the server do I store locally (/media/)?. Thank you.

One note I will add to this is that static files and media files are two separate topics in a deployed configuration. Media file directories must be able to be written to by Django, while static file directories should not.
Also, static file directories are generally built through the collectstatic command, while media files are generally uploaded by users.
So, for purposes of being clear and accurate, if the blog images and author pictures are uploaded through the blog, they are media files and not static files.

With that in mind, are you talking about static files or media files here?

Thank you sir for the information. Well I am talking about the media files, uploaded by the user