Displaying pdfs with completed fields temporarily in production

I have created a django app deployed to heroku. There are a few static files, including a few pdfs with form fields in them. At various stages of the app, the static pdf (say example.pdf) is copied to example_out.pdf and the pdf form fields are filled-in using data from the database. Then the app renders the completed pdf for viewing and then printing onto paper.

This works fine in development with DEBUG=True, however this doesn’t work on heroku with DEBUG=False. There is a 404 Not Found error when trying to display the pdf. I believe this is because heroku will not serve example_out.pdf, which is seen as media, please correct me if I’m wrong. I understand that heroku will not store example_out.pdf as the storage is ephemeral. However this should not be a problem, since I only need to view the pdf temporarily. The completed pdf can be regenerated at will using data in the database.

By the way, the static files are currently handled by whitenoise, which I believe can’t handle example_out.pdf as a media file.

Research tells me that I could store example_out.pdf as a media file on some external storage like Amazon S3 or Nginx. However, since I only need to view the pdf temporarily, this seems like overkill to involve another company in the deployment of the app, with associated costs, time and management.

Is there another way I can do this solely on heroku with DEBUG=True? It would be completely fine for example_out.pdf to be deleted after using it.