Django 3.2 ASGI/uvicorn is not production ready!

anybody able to confirm/deny django 3.2 with ASGI in a production environment?

shouldn’t cost a place an extra 42GB of ram, and however many cores to get the same performance.

doubling the cost of infrastructure to use get_asgi_application with gunicorn asgi:app -k uvicorn.UvicornWOrker, just isn’t doable.

The main reason for the performance issues was all the blocking IO from the ORM, which previously had all been monkey patched with gevent / eventlet.

Interestingly I’ve decided to approach this from the other direction. Doing/Keeping WSGI and mounting ASGI (preferably should be in the django docs)… instead of doing ASGI and mounting WSGI ( fastapi documenation ).

The fastapi and django docs on the topic range from a bit sparse to a bit misleading.

Anyways … using the werkzeug DispatcherMiddleware has been fine so far.

For example on WSGI with ASGI mounted: benchmark-django-fastapi/ at main · allen-munsch/benchmark-django-fastapi · GitHub

hmm, not at the moment actually. How to sync_to_async(executor=gevent.threadpool.ThreadPoolExecutor)? · Issue #264 · django/asgiref · GitHub