Django Admin Ajax List view and delete?

I have customized the admin theme layout, currently it looks like attached screenshot.

I want to implement Ajax based List View including pagination, filters, search & DELETE (similar to Jquery Datatables ) on Django built-in admin template.

Is it possible to make listing view completely ajax based?

Please guide me with all possible solutions.

It’s not possible to make the Admin pages completely AJAX based, as you would need to rewrite the underlying views (which are not easily editable in that sense).

If you want to do this, you’ll need to separate from the admin UI and write a full AJAX/interactive UI from scratch, I’m afraid.

Thanks for reply.

As you said we can not make it completely AJAX based, is it possible for DELETE only?


You could maybe write some javascript that fakes a POST to the delete endpoint, but you’d have to manually inspect the response rather than get JSON back, and the list wouldn’t refresh to remove the item. I wouldn’t recommend it.