Django admin and staticfiles problem


I’m new user about django and I don’t know if all my developpement is right but i’m front a problem with django admin and some staticfiles. I use django summernote for writing article on my website. When I’m in local developpement mode all is running good but when i deploy i’ve a “cor missing error” about font for summernote and admin django.

staticfile/summernote/font/summernote.ttf?4c7e83314b68cfa6a0d18a8b4690044b>CORS MISSING ALLOW ORIGIN>BLOCKED
staticfile/admin/fonts/Roboto-Bold-webfont.woff>CORS MISSING ALLOW ORIGIN>BLOCKED

I’ve read something about cors header and install django-cor-header and configure but nothing change.
I don’t all understand about cors headers.

If I can have some help about this problem.

Thank you

Hi, I’m the maintainer of django-cors-headers. Did you read the CORS resources from the README? These will help you understand why you are getting such an error.

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No not yet thank you for the link. I go read that but I don’t think that the problem come from here. I’ve configured the django-cors-headers with the setting cors_allowed_all_origin (for try) and the problem still the same. And all staticfiles is serve in the website but not in the admin. (Like summernote)