Django admin components or style guide - is there one online anywhere?

Hi folks,

Is there a canonical place where all the components used in django admin live so you can see them all.

Wagtail have this, and it’s really useful. I don’t have a version handy, but they package it up as an app like this:

I’m doing some work django admin at the mo, where I’m trying to make things largely look like they belong in django admin, and having this component library of all the different form elements and so on you might see in use would be a godsend.

Failing that, is there a template for something like sketch, or figma or any other graphic ui tool?

I’m thinking of something like this for bootstrap, and I’m aware of why you might not want to encourage people to hack on the admin too much, I’m aware that it does get used a lot, and it is one of the plus points for django.

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I don’t know of one, but I have wished dozens and dozens of times that we had one. There might be something useful in some of the projects that re-skin the admin in case that’s useful.

You might check out Django Packages : Admin Styling in case one of these apps built one.

I also don’t know of one. I think it would be hard to make a true styleguide, since the HTML is scattered amongst many templates, including widget templates.

It might be easier to maintain a project with a minimal set of models and admin classes that show all the features.

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This sounds like a sensible middle ground - you could easily have an index page of sorts that links to the specific examples in situ.

Thanks folks - I think this answers the original question I had :+1: