Django Admin Form customization

Hello, I would like to use Django Admin features to enable site admins manipulate with models. But some of my models contain fields/attributes which have specific logic to be done before the value for the field can be generated.
For example I have model CalendarEvent which has attribute recurrence_pattern which is type of CharField. Before the recurrence_pattern can be set it must be determined by using combination of several texboxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons.
So I have to provide this textboxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons within the form and then using specific logic populate recurrence_pattern.
Is that possible to do using Django Admin ?
So it is not enough to specify recurrence_pattern within the fields because then just the regular textbox will be shown - but I have to extend this. How to do that ? Could you point me to some examples of documentation (in the Django documentation I did not find such examples) ?

Yes, Django provides the facility for overriding a form in the admin.

See ModelAdmin.form for a starting point, but it’s also worth reviewing all of ModelAdmin to see what other options may be available.


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